Corporate Branding
& Identity

Corporate Branding and Identity are two of the most important factors to take into consideration when starting a business and is the main factors of your business once it is established. Here at The Consulting Firm, we make sure you accomplish both by developing Websites, Landing Pages, Logos, Flyers, Signage, Business Cards and more, to help your consumers feel confident and support your business.


Understanding Corporate
Branding & Identity

The Difference Between Branding & Identity

In order for us to deliver the perfect solution for our clients when it comes to understanding their brand and identity, we like to share with them to this great article by Lisa Bigelow.

Corporate Identity

A business’ identity relates primarily to internal factors that show how the business is run–how it’s organized, its ethics, its “look” and how it integrates into the business world comprise its identity, according to The identity offers the observer distinguishing characteristics that separate it from other, similar businesses. The quality and focus of the product — in addition to its uniqueness — contributes to corporate identity. Identity is often represented by a logo, or picture. For example, McDonald’s uses its golden arches. Target uses a big red bulls-eye. These symbols instantly identify corporate identity.

Corporate Branding

Branding relates to how people feel about the company. Does the consumer trust the company? Is the consumer confident that the company will provide a quality product or service? These emotions apply to external factors that the corporate identity attempts to influence. A company may try to improve its image by changing its identity with the hope of altering its perceived branding by consumers. Marketing professional Paul Temporal recommends evaluating how consumers view the corporate brand before making changes to identity elements like the logo. If your logo and brand have earned the consumer’s trust and confidence, changing the logo may affect the brand’s perception.


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